2016, Keynote Presentation, Smart Energy Regions - COST Action TU1104, Cardiff, Wales

2015, AIA/RUDC Webinar, Architect’s Role in Preventing Climate Change

2015, People and Nature Conference, Net-Zero TODs Houston Style, Houston, TX

2015, AIA National Convention, Resilient Design: Designing at the Regional and Urban Scale, Atlanta, GA

2015, APA National Conference, City Climate Action and Resiliency Planning, Seattle, WA

2015, APA National Conference, Fast, Funny and Passionate, Panel Moderator, Seattle, WA

2015, APA Webcast, Urban Design, Sustainability, and the Environment

2014, AIA/RUDC Webcast, Resilient Design: The Regional & Urban Scale, Moderator with Dan Williams, FAIA

2014 Centric Innovation Network, Innovation by Design Panel, Indianapolis, IN

2013, APA National Conference, Moderator and Panelist, Climate Action Plans and the Future Form of Cities, Chicago, IL

2013, California APA Conference, Integrating Climate Actions Plans into General Plans, Visalia, CA

2013, 38th Street Corridor Charrette Manager, Indianapolis, IN

2013, Brookside Brownfield Charrette Manager, Indianapolis, IN

2013, Old City Hall Charrette, National Historic Preservation Conference, Indianapolis, IN

2013, AIA Orange County Design Awards Jury

2013, Visiting Research Fellow Lectures, Survey of U.S. Cities Climate Actions Plans, Cardiff University, UK

2013, Visiting Research Fellow Lectures, GHG Emissions Effectiveness Modeling of Climate Actions, Cardiff University, UK

2013, Visiting Research Fellow Lectures, District-scale Low Carbon Design, Cardiff University, UK

2013, APA National Conference, Session Moderator, Fast, Funny, and Passionate Planning, Chicago, IL

2013, Ball State Faculty Symposium, APA National Survey of Climate Action Plan Cities, Muncie, IN

2012 Near East Side CCIC Charrette Manager, Indianapolis, IN

2012 American Institute of Architects National Convention, How Community-Based Planning can Reconnect an Isolated Society, Washington, DC

2012 American Institute of Architects National Convention, COTE Green Projects Awards Panel, Washington, DC

2012 DeKalb Hospital Healthy Community Charrette, Auburn, IN

2012 Reconnecting Our Waterways Community Workshop Facilitator, Indianapolis, IN

2012 AIA San Diego Design Awards Jury

2012 AIA Virginia Design Awards Jury

2012 Greening the Campus Conference, Paper Presentation, Muncie, IN

2012 Ball State Faculty Symposium, Role of the Practitioner–Educator

2012 Ball State University Faculty Symposium, Immersive Learning in Indianapolis

2011 EcoVillage Charrette, Ball State University and Kent State University, Cleveland, OH

2011 Emerson Heights Charrette, Indianapolis, IN

2011 Capitol Mall Catalyst Competition Jury, Sacramento, CA

2011 American Institute of Architects National Convention, The Architect’s Role in Preparing Climate Action Plans, New Orleans, LA

2011 American Institute of Architects National Convention, UC Merced’s Long Range Plan: A Regional Model for Going Green from the Ground Up, New Orleans, LA

2011 Welsh School of Architecture, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation: Future Shape of Cities, Cardiff, Wales

2011 Ball State Univeristy Faculty Symposium, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation: Future Shape of Cities, Muncie, IN

2010 Ball State Univeristy Alumni Symposium, Triple Net Zero Campus and Community for the Next Century, Muncie, IN

2010 Future of Design Centers, ACSA Conference, New Orleans, LA

2010 Mallory District Charrette, Indianapolis, IN

2010 Urban Design Charrette, Uplands, IN

2009 SDAT, Smart Growth Redevelopment District Charrette, Indianapolis, IN

2009 SDAT, Smart Growth Redevelopment District, Summary of Planning Principles, AIA-Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN

2009 Transit Oriented Development and Public-Private Partnerships, Chamber of Commerce Annual Policy Conference, Indianapolis, IN

2009 Community-Based Planning, St. Louis APA, St. Louis, MO

2008 Sustainable Design Assessment Team, Morristown, NJ

2008 Sustainable Town Design Charrette, Topeka, IN

2008 Nickel Plate Transit Corridor Charrette, Indianapolis, IN

2008 Sacramento Sustainable Region, Moderator and Speaker, Sacramento, CA

2008 Webcast, AIA Shape of America Panel

2008 AIA San Joaquin Valley, Smart Growth in the San Joaquin Valley, Modesto, CA

2007 Mayors Institute of City Design, St. Louis, MO

2007 Downtown Block Charrette, Columbus, Indiana

2007 Ball State University, Emens Distinguished Professor, Indy Metroplex–Compact and Connected, Muncie, Indiana

2007 AIA Central Valley, Future of the Central Valley, Sacramento, CA

2007 CalTrans Planning Horizons Lecture Series, San Joaquin Valley Land Use and Planning Futures, Sacramento, CA

2007 Western Mountain Region AIA Convention, Regional Regenerative Planning Framework for the Tahoe Basin, Incline Village, NV

2007 Great Valley Center Conference, Plan-Move-Prosper, Sacramento, CA

2007 American Institute of Architects Convention, UCM: Creating a 21st Century Green Campus in a Greenfield, San Antonio, TX

2006 Downtown Design Review Training Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI

2006 Sacramento Valley Forum, Regional Issues, Partnerships and Leadership, Chico, CA

2006 APA California Conference, Growing Leaders–Engaging Youth in Planning, Orange County, CA

2006 AIA San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys Charrette, Picoima, CA

2006 San Joaquin Valley Blueprint Summit, Regional Mobility and Alternative Futures, Fresno, CA

2006 Great Valley Center Annual Conference, Regional Mobility and Alternative Futures for the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento, CA

2006 Tulare County Farm Bureau Housing and Land Use Conference, Infill vs. Business as Usual, Visalia, CA

2005 River Neighborhood Charrette, Facilitator, Muncie, IN

2005 AIA Convention, Calculating Las Vegas' Ecological Footprint, Las Vegas, NV

2005 APA National Conference, Engaging Youth in Community Planning, San Francisco, CA

2005 Sierra Madre Educational Series, Designing Downtowns, Sierra Madre, CA

2005 AIA South Carolina Convention, Keynote Speaker, The Confluence - Where it all Comes Together, Columbia, SC

2005 Annual Business Meeting, Tulare County Economic Development Corporation, Keynote Speaker, Five Stories about the Future, Visalia, CA

2004 National Governors Association, Keynote Speaker, "What do healthy cities look like?", Charleston, SC

2004 AIA Ohio Convention, Architects as Advocates, Cleveland, OH

2004 Design Review and Guidelines Training, California County Planning Commissioners Association, Yolo County, CA

2004 Advocacy Training Workshop, American Institute of Architects, Washington, D.C.

2003 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Public Involvement Best Practices Forum, Princeton, NJ

2003 Commercial Corridor Design, Great Valley Center, Willows, CA

2003 Community Charrette, South Muncie, IN

2003 Community Participation, Ball State University Guest Lecture Series

2003 Seven Stories about Housing Density, Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments, Keynote

2003 AIA Convention, Embracing the Future: Community Visioning Training for Architects, San Diego, CA

2003 Infill Housing Design Seminar, UC Davis, CA

2003 APA Conference, Dis-integration of Planning and Architecture, Denver, CO

2003 AIAS Conference, Seeing the Future in Community Values Training Workshop, Chicago, IL

2002 AIA Wisconsin Convention, Making Great Places, Madison, WI

2002 APA Conference, Making Planning Engaging, Chicago, IL

2002 APA Conference, The Future of Community Planning, Chicago, IL

2002 APA Conference, E-Government for Economic Development and Planning, Chicago, IL

2001 Infill Housing and Redevelopment, UCLA Seminar, Burbank, CA

2001 California APA Conference, Reinventing the Strip, Sacramento, CA

2001 California APA Conference, SafeScape Panelist, Sacramento, CA

2001 Found Opportunities: Infill Housing Seminar, Santa Cruz, CA

2001 Housing the Next One Million, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association

2001 Image and Economic Development Workshop, Arizona Governor's Economic Development Conference, Nogales, AZ

2001 Building Community and Youth Participation, Center for Youth Citizenship, Sacramento, CA

2001 Urban Design Assistance Team, Downtown Indianapolis, IN

2001 AIA Convention, What were we thinking? Fixing the 70's, Denver, CO

2001 APA Conference, Fixing Urban Renewal, New Orleans, LA

2001 APA Conference, Town Planning in the Sierras, New Orleans, LA

2001 Infill Housing, UC Davis Seminar, Sacramento, CA

2000-2001 Seeing the Future through Community Values, Sierra Business Council Leadership Training Workshops, Nevada City, Auburn, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, Bishop, Sonora, and Mariposa, CA

2000 Rail Plan for California and the Central Valley, Great Valley Center Conference, Sacramento, CA

2000 Rail Plan for California, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association

2000 Image and Economic Development Workshop, Arizona Governor's Economic Development Conference, Sedona, AZ

2000 APA Conference, Conservation Districts, New York, NY

1999 Infrastructure Needs for the Central Valley, Urban Land Institute, San Francisco, CA

1999 California APA Conference, Housing the Next 10 Million, Bakersfield, CA

1999 Infill Development: What does it look like and how does it work?, Great Valley Center Conference, Sacramento, CA

1999 Housing the Next 10 Million, California League of Cities, San Jose, CA

1999 Community Image and Economic Development, Arizona Governor's Economic Development Conference, Pine Top-Lakeside, AZ

1999 Writing and Reading Design Guidelines for Historic Districts, California Preservation Foundation Conference, Palm Springs, CA

1999 APA Conference, Urbanization of the West's Great Central Valley, Seattle, WA

1999 Development Options for the Central Valley, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Modesto, CA

1999 Design and Planning Charrettes, Planning for Prosperity Seminar, Sierra Business Council, Sonora, CA

1999 Water and Development in the Central Valley, Water Users Coalition, Great Valley Center, Fresno, CA

1999 Communication through the Design Process, Ball State University Guest Lecture Series

1998 Great Valley Center Water Policy Conference, Fresno, CA

1998 AIA Convention, Childrens Charrette Workshop, San Francisco, CA

1998 APA Conference, Community-Based Design Review, Boston, MA

1998 APA Conference, Protecting Neighborhood Character, Boston, MA

1998 League of California Cities, New Urban Renewal, Long Beach, CA

1997 APA Conference, Childrens Charrette Workshop, San Diego, CA

1997 AIA Urban Design Conference, Past and Future of Union Square, San Francisco, CA

1996 Portland APA Conference, Community-Based Planning Charrettes, Portland, OR

1996 APA Conference, Community Design Charrettes, Orlando, FL

1995 APA Conference, Community Character Management and Design Review, Toronto, Canada

1994 APA Conference, Tools for Guiding Urban Design, San Francisco, CA

1994 Kansas/Missouri APA, Planning Commissioners Training Session, Kansas City, MO

1994 California APA Conference, Three Regions-Three Futures: The Impact of the Information Highway, San Diego, CA

1994 APA Planning and Zoning Institute, Guiding Urban Design, Charlotte, NC

1993 California APA Conference, 90's Style Comprehensive Planning: Blending Growth Management and Economic Development, Modesto, CA




APA National Conference in Chicago, Climate Action Plans

AIA Sustainability Design Assistance Team, Morristown, NJ

People and Nature Conference, Houston

Keynote Presentation, Smart Energy Regions - COST Action TU1104, Cardiff, Wales