Bruce Race has assisted over two dozen cities prepare central district strategies. These include the California cities of Sacramento (1987, 2000), Oakland (1989), Pasadena (1990), Stockton (1987, 2008), Davis (2002), Napa (2004), Visalia (2006), and Porterville (1991). Other non-California cities include Reno, NV (2002); Canton, OH (2003); Johnson City, TN (1998); Indianapolis, IN (2003); and Colon, Panama (1997).

Traditional Downtown Urban Design Guidelines, Davis, CA

RACESTUDIO and Winter & Company assisted the City of Davis prepare an urban design framework and design guidelines for the historic downtown and adjacent neighborhoods. The planning included six community workshops where participants identified desirable features to be conserved, urban design concepts and design guideline objectives.

Davis Downtown and Traditional Residential Neighborhoods Design Guidelines has received a 2002 Honor Award from the Sacramento Valley Section of the APA.

Downtown Mixed-use Strategy, Napa, CA

RACESTUDIO and A. Plescia Company assisted the City of Napa Community Redevelopment Agency prepared a downtown infill housing and mixed-use strategy. The plan included community workshops and skakeholder meetings. The strategy process tested seven mixed-use and residential prototypes for financial feasibility and made implementation recommendations. The report included urban design concepts and an action plan.

Riverfront Redevelopment Strategy Truckee, CA

RACESTUDIO worked with Winter and Company and A. Plecsia Company to prepare a redevelopment strategy for Truckee’s beautiful river edge. The plan converts industrial areas into work-live districts, hotels and commercial development. The proposals are sustainable with economically beneficial impacts. The process included extensive community involvement.

Downtown River Revitalization Strategy, Truckee, CA, 2006 California APA Honor Award

Downtown River Revitalization Strategy, Truckee, CA, 2006 Sacramento Valley Section, APA Honor Award

East Downtown Redevelopment Strategy Visalia, CA

RACESTUDIO, A. Plescia Company, and Mintier Harnish prepared a redevelopment strategy to expand Visalia’s existing downtown onto vacant railroad yards and packing sheds. The plan complements downtown’s traditional retail and office function with housing and parks space. A task force sponsored community workshops where participants developed alternatives that were evaluated. A preferred concept and action plan was presented to the city council.

East Downtown Plan, Visalia, CA, 2006 California Central Section, APA Merit Award


RACESTUDIO has long-lasting working relationships with communities, often for decades. We work with them through economic cycles, helping them grow and regenerate. RACESTUDIO assisted Stockton on their general plan, downtown housing strategy, and neighborhood plans.

Sketch: Chris Grubbs

Central Stockton Housing Strategy

RACESTUDIO and A. Plescia Company assisted Stockton prepare a greater downtown housing strategy. The plan identified infill opportunities, case studies, proforma analysis, and illustrative materials for marketing key sites. A follow-on plan was prepared for the the Stockton Channel and Fremont Park neighborhoods.

Capitol Park Neighborhood Design Plan

Sacramento, CA

RACESTUDIO assisted the Capitol Area Development Authority prepare a design plan for the Capitol Park Neighborhood in Sacramento’s Capitol Area. The Design Plan defined opportunity sites for transit-oriented development, illustrated the potential character of streets and neighborhoods, and suggested development guidelines for residential areas. Over the past 15 years, nearly all of the projects identified in the revitalization plan have been developed.

Historic Waterfront Plan, Colon, Panama

RACESTUDIO worked with the Harrison Price Company, and International Resort and Tourism Advisors (INTRA) on this waterfront redevelopment plan for Colon on behalf of the Country of Panama.

Colon was build by the French. The city is a busy port and has the capacity for development of a cruse ship terminal near the historic waterfront district.

The plan included an extensive implementation element reflecting the capabilities and interests of public and private investors.

Above: Community workshop

Left: Illustrative plan (RACESTUDIO)

Below: Proposed downtown housing project (RACESTUDIO)

Above: Community workshop

Left: Illustrative plan (RACESTUDIO)

Below: Proposed downtown Napa Creek site development (RACESTUDIO)

Above right: Community workshop

Above: Illustrative plan (RACESTUDIO)

Below right: Proposed downtown river development (RACESTUDIO)

Above: North Shore Iron Works cultural and residential district (Chris Grubbs)

Left: Housing infill strategy (RACESTUDIO)

Above: Community workshop

Left: Illustrative plan by RACESTUDIO

Below: Proposed Mill Creek Market (RACESTUDIO)

Above right: CADA Board workshop 2006

Above: Illustrative plan by RACESTUDIO

Below right: Proposed 16th Street development (RACESTUDIO)

Right: Sketch of renovated Av del Frente (RACESTUDIO)

Below: Site plan of waterfront district (RACESTUDIO)

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In addition to the Capitol Park Neighborhood Design Plan, Mr. Race has assisted with CADA Board retreats, community workshops, site planning and development review.

The Capitol Park Neighborhood Design Plan has received four awards:

Housing the Next 10 Million Design Competition, Award of Excellence, 1999

1998 Sacramento Valley Section APA Award for Outstanding Planning and Implementation for a Large Jurisdiction

1997 American Institute of Architects/California Council Urban Design Award

1997 Local Government Commission, Ahwahnee Community Livability Award